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Lane Jensen gets 18-36 month deferred sentence

As expected Lane Jensen was sentenced to a term of 18-36 months 'deferred' which means that if he stays out of trouble the case will be dropped. 18 months if he is a very good boy, 36 months if he is not. (what ever that means)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Trimet loses round 1 in the Lane Jensen case

CLICK HERE!: Readers of this blog already know that Trimet lies daily about everything under the sun. It's actually rare that they tell the truth a...


(this was a comment on another post but it deserves its own post) Kevin Michael Purefield pleaded guilty in Multnomah County Circuit Court Wednesday to one count each of misdemeanor stalking and telephonic harassment. Purefield was repeatedly harassing victims’ families of the Aurora Colorado movie theatre shooting. Purfield is scheduled to be sentenced Friday to what likely will be a year of mental-health court, where he will have to check in weekly with a specialist who will help him with any needs, such as attending doctor’s appointments, taking medications and maintaining a place to live. Purfield also will be ordered not to phone, email, text or otherwise have any contact with the families of the 12 who died or the 58 who were injured during the July 2012 screening of “The Dark Knight Rises.” “We just want to stop the behavior and get him help,” said Kirsten Snowden, the deputy district attorney who heads Multnomah County’s misdemeanor trial unit.
On two different occasions Lane texted two different non threatening questions to Tri Met Media Public Relations officer Roberta Alsteadt on her assigned Verizon phone on her designated number for work related matters multiple times; “When will the non-union employees stop getting benefits and pensions after 3 years, while drivers have to wait 10-20? Who’s got the harder job? “So what is it going to take to get safety on the busses? How many more lives is it going to take? 1? 10? 100? 1000? A driver being killed while in the seat? Could you question that Roberta Alsteadt deliberately didn’t answer Lanes’ questions so she could entrap Lane and so they could claim telephonic harassment to set up and shut up Lane forever. Four of Tri Mets contracted cops, usually seen on the max hustling people for their fares were sent to bully, arrest, handcuff, and seize Lane’s computer and cell phone. On October 30, 2013 the Willamette Week did an article about Lane where the Tri on It's less of a crime to beat up an operator than text a Trimet executive

Saturday, December 28, 2013

He fought the law and the law won

What happens, often, is that the act of protest takes place, and then the police tell you to stop and, when you don't, they arrest you for not stopping.
Environmental Protestor Jailed - I Bought The Law And The Law Won - Esquire

Friday, December 27, 2013

It's less of a crime to beat up an operator than text a Trimet executive

This is the America we live in today

What would you do?

Say you're a Trimet PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER   and some guy you knew was obnoxious wanted to get some information from you but you decided that you're not going to answer that guy, even though your job description specifically states you are to answer questions from citizens. And since you ignored that person he decided to bombard you with the same question over and over. Say this is the question
 What would you do?
A-answer his question
B-call him and tell him to fuck off
C-block his phone number
D-report it to the police.
So we can see that the text message we are speaking of implies great threats to the safety of the public information officer-NOT!
No if it was me I would have simply called him back and answered the question and be done with it.
But not Roberta Aldstadt and her Trimet bosses, no they decided to call the police and block his number. (and for some unknown reason she decided to unblock it later)
Why? Cause that's how they roll.

Lars Larson on the implications of the arrest and conviction of Lane Jensen

The biggest injustice that TRIMET pulled in 2013

Lane Jensen bail higher than bus driver attacker
Insiders know the true story of Trimet. Vindictive and brutal they do not take kindly to criticism. Then a character by the name of Lane Jensen appeared on the blog scene. He was everywhere, on buses, on trains, watching supervisory personnel at transit centers, at board meetings and constantly bothering the managers for explanations. Trimet personnel were dying to find a way to get rid of this guy. So they concocted this phony 'telephonic harassment' charge against him. Of course they had the full cooperation of the District attorneys office. Roberta Alsdtadt was chosen as the 'victim' obviously because she is a woman and that would play better in the courts than if they had chosen Harry Sapporta, Randy Stedemen, or  Neil Mcfarlane although all of them got the exact same treatment from Lane. And what is the crime that Lane Jensen is accused of? Sending two text messages multiple times to Roberta Alstdadt in the course of 5 months. Both were questions involving her job description and Trimet business The pure horror of that is hard to fathom. Two instances of multiple text messages in five months! Will Roberta ever recover from the pure terror of that act? Maybe she went in psychiatric treatment it must have been so emotionally upsetting for her. Of course I am being  facetious, the whole scam is nothing but a ruse  to shut Lane up by using the police state and corrupted courts as the vehicle to stamp out dissent. So what harm did Lane ever have to anyone at Trimet? Not one instance of harm that I can think of. Nobody got fired, nobody got disciplined (except  maybe the driver than ran 2 stop signs, I think he got a day off with pay) and nothing changed as a result of Lane Jensen Lane was arrested a second time because he misunderstood the terms of his release the first time. I'm sure the DA and TRIMET would have been happy if Lane had sat in jail awaiting his 'trial'. Alas that didn't happen as I ponied up the money to get him out of the American Gulag. It doesn't take a genius to see what they were up to. Once they had him in jail he would have been forced to take whatever plea bargain the District attorneys office  offered.I'm glad I could foil their plans. The sixth amendment guarantees the right to a speedy trial but we all know that the constitution was torn up long ago. They have moved Lanes trial from Jan 7 to Feb 10.
And now the oligarchs have won their battle to silence Lane. His blog is deleted and he no longer talks about Trimet. They should be proud of themselves for attempting to ruin a persons life. They have no shame, no ethics, and no morality.
That is indeed how they roll over there.
TOP TRIMET STORIES: Aaron Mesh of the Willamette week provides an articulate explanation of the issues in Lane Jensen vs Trimet THE POLICE STATE LOCKS UP LANE JENSEN WHO'S THE REAL CRIMINAL HERE? A Visit From the TriMet Squad: Blogger Arrested After Repeatedly Texting Spokeswoman CAN LANE JENSEN PROVE TRIMET CONSPIRACY TO SET HIM UP? Putting things into the proper perspective re Alsdedt vs Jensen TRIMET MANAGER VS LANE JENSEN LANE JENSEN IS BACK IN JAIL-BAIL SET AT $46K

WW updates Lane Jensens story

Anti-TriMet blogger Lane Jensen has deleted his website after being arrested for the second time this year in connection to charges that he harassed transit agency spokeswoman Roberta Altstadt with repeated text messages (“A Visit From the TriMet Squad,” WW, Oct. 31, 2013). Jensen was arrested Oct. 17 on 31 counts of telephone harassment of Altstadt. On Dec. 7, Jensen aired a podcast taunting transit officials. “Sorry, TriMet managers,” he wrote on his blog, Portland Transit Lane. “You might be able to tell me what I can type, but it’s totally different when I start a podcast.” It wasn’t. Transit police arrested Jensen again Dec. 17 for violating the terms of his release by talking obscenely about Altstadt in the audio. Jensen was bailed out by fellow TriMet watchdog blogger Al Margulies the next day. Jensen tells WW he doesn’t know if he’ll ever reboot his blog. Murmurs: All The News That’s Left Under The Tree.


When people think of Telephone harassment we usually think of telephone calls that go on for days weeks or months. Maybe just 'hang ups' or 'deep breathing' or 'threats' of one sort or another.


This just in, according to Lane Jensen's attorney the order prohbiting Lane from taking pictures of Trimet buses and trains has been removed. Well its one teeny tiny victory at least. But what we see before our very own eyes is the reckless abuse of power and authority.


John Copic is the DA for every case involving Trimet. His position is funded by Trimet. Looking more like Detective Columbo then Perry Mason he certainly has it in for Lane Jensen
John Copic seems to have no problem framing Lane Jensen for crimes he did not commit


Lane thought he was abiding by the court order when he made the podcast and he had every reason to think that. Below is a copy of the original release document which states he must do two things, attempt no contact with Aldstadt and remove a blog post. He abided by both restrictions but was arrested anyway
After the kangaroo court proceeding (which was allowed to proceed even though his lawyer was not there)  had ended he was given an updated copy of the restrictions. Now logical people would think all of this would have been spelled out correctly the first time. But then again logical people aren't trying to set up other people for false imprisonment

Daily cyclist weighs in on Lane Jensen outrage

Make no mistake, Lane Jensen was the target of a brutal legal manipulation against him in the effort to shut him up. In the end they won, as they always do. You can't fight our government .  They are all powerful, all connected, and possess unlimited wealth all stolen from the citizenry. And when those citizens don't behave properly the entire machine turns against them. As is the case with Lane Jensen. Lane was doing a daily podcast talking about the days events at Trimet and during one of those days Roberta Alstadt made a 'public statement' to the press. Lane criticized that statement harshly calling her a 'fucking lying bitch'. He was picked up by the American Gestapo and delivered to the Gulag. Roberta Alstadt is a public figure and appears regularly in the media. The imaginary case of 'telephonic harassment' and  A completely inappropriate use of government power but alas, the government is not accountable to the people. And with this last act of tyranny they have finally silenced Lane Jensen and his scathing editorials about Trimet. Americans are under the false belief that they have 'free speech- Noam Chomsky explains: ' Noam Chomsky on Freedom of speech from al m on Vimeo.
Interestingly enough, there are more than a few people that agree with him!

Tom Horton weighs in on the demise of Portland Transit Lane

Facebook Post Here
#TRIMET WARS: Lane Jensen of Portland Transit Lane, perhaps this community's most vocal transit rider advocate, is once again under siege by TriMet's unaccountable rogue bureaucrats. Neil McFarlane, Randy Steadman, and Roberta Altstadt are acting as despots with taxing authority and a dedicated police force - right here in America!


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why was Lane Jensen arrested again?


They picked him up just now. I am not sure on what grounds they have picked him up obviously it will have something to do with his Trimet activity. Booking

Trimet transit police give me a call

An officer from the Trimet police gave me a call today. He was all nice of course. He tried to get me to say that 'I had warned Lane about texting Roberta Aldstedt'. Obviously I refused to answer that question. I told the officer "I am not comfortable providing any evidence against Lane" I told the officer I would admitting that Lane is an annoying character. I also told the officer that Lane Jensen is not now and has never been a 'threat' to Roberta Aldstedt.


So here we have LANE JENSEN facing jail time for sending the message below to the Trimet executives over and over and over. And yesterday we have a violent assault against a Trimet bus driver. How crazy is the world we live in today when we have Lane Jensen facing jail time for asking the question that should have been asked years ago! Trimet executives are sick, pathologically sick and its infecting everyone.


Trimet executives are so scared of this man they are tying to see him put into prison.
This will serve as a message to anyone else who dare gets in the way of their  hegemonic arm!
TRIMET executives are trying to put Lane Jensen into prison for asking questions


 We are continuing our investigation into the facts of Aldstadt vs Jensen. In this segment we will examine  this piece of evidence below:
In this odd piece of the evidence we find that Ms Aldstadt had blocked Lane from her phone.  Which of course leads me to the next question, why did she unblock him? There is only one answer to that question that I can think of, in hopes  to entrap him into this phony criminal case In criminal law, entrapment is when a law enforcement agent induces a person to commit an offense that the person would have otherwise been unlikely to commit.[1] It is a type of conduct that is generally frowned upon, and thus in many jurisdictions is a possible defense against criminal liability. Depending on the law in the jurisdiction, the prosecution may be required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was not entrapped or the defendant may be required to prove that they were entrapped as an affirmative defense. Sting operations are fraught with ethical concerns over whether they constitute entrapment. SOURCE


Trimet's favorite rider Lane Jensen
His latest post is HERE!


Please understand that I am not Lane's attorney and have not been communicating with Lane's attorney I don't have the slightest idea how the defense will be mounted. This is my personal investigation so I might better understand the case  I do know that the defense has asked for three days in which to try this case so that all witnesses can be called and examined under oath. We know that Alstdadt  (sorry if I am spelling it wrong) has stated in the police report that he was texting her on her 'personal cell phone' and that Trimet gives her "a separate cell phone" for company business. However her so called 'personal cell phone' is listed on the Trimet contacts internal document. When we examine the INTERNAL DOCUMENT  what we see is that there are 3 numbers that are listed. The 962 number which is a land line, the cell phone in question, and something called the 'duty pager'. Now she has stated for the record that "Trimet gives her a cell phone for Trimet business"
Why in the world would her so called personal cell number be on that list when TRIMET GIVES HER A SEPARATE CELL PHONE? Something doesn't add up, is it possible she lied to the police about that phone of hers?


Lane Jensen appears in court the victim of political persecution and injustice
Everybody knows that Lane Jensen was seemingly everywhere on the Trimet system, on buses and trains, at board meetings reporting live from every single place he was at that moment. And he was not hidden in the shadows, he was out in the open, he created a fire storm wherever he appeared.  This is called WATCH-DOGGING and its defined: The term watchdog journalism is strongly related to the practice of investigative journalism. A watchdog is defined as "a person or group of persons that acts as a protector or guardian against inefficiency, illegal practices, etc." by the Collins English Dictionary.[1] In news journalism, a watchdog journalist also fulfills this function of being a guardian. To perform in an investigative manner, the journalist is in the "role" of a watchdog.[2] Watchdog journalism cannot be defined by the amount of investigation alone, however, but is used in many different contexts. It also is stated "contingent on the existing social, political, and economic conditions and a reflection as much of the historical moment as it is of pre‐existing structures and media cultures".[3] Watchdog journalism can be located in a variety of news media, such as radio, television, Internet, and print media where it may be seen as "a unique strength of newspapers",[4] and additional new media and concepts such as weblogs and citizen journalism. Watchdog journalists also are called "watchmen",[5] "agents of social control", or "moral guardians".[6] SOURCE


The more I investigate this case the more holes develop. It has been alleged that he had been calling her 'personal' cell phone. That turns out to be false and I have the evidence to prove it.I have removed her phone number in order to prevent more phony charges coming back on Lane
This is the post that is part of the evidence against Lane where he is 'encouraging' so called 'harassment' against Roberta. However when we examine the post what we find is that he is asking the public to call her and ask here a simple question on retirement benefits for union employees vs non union employees. This was posted because Roberta refused to answer his question. It's obviously an attempt to get her to answer the question and the only reference to annoying her is in the title. The post itself clearly wants an answer to the question. Now that is not her 'personal' cell phone number (removed). How do I know this?
That same number is listed on the internal Trimet contact list! It's a business line not a personal line. If you have expectations of privacy you certainly don't put your phone number on a list of contact numbers that is handed out to every single manager in the agency!


Roberta Altsdadt part of a Trimet conspiracy to entrap Lane Jensen, It's more than likely
Ms Altsdadt has Verizon as the carrier Which means she could have easily blocked his cell number. But she didn't block it and that begs the question why not? It takes 2 minutes! Obviously she didn't block it because she was part of a conspiracy to entrap Lane into the 'criminal case'.  There is no doubt in my mind that this whole scheme was likely thought up by the Trimet legal department and she colluded with them to entrap Lane. Keep in mind that this 'harassment' is composed of 2 text message streams separated by over 5 months. The case is a farce and that will all become clear at trial. This is your Trimet, will stoop as low as the can go to get their way.


Trimet Transit police good at solving crimes that are 'set up' not so good with real crime
On two days, separated by 5 months, Lane Jensen texted the fragile Roberta Aldstedt, this event could cost Lane years in prison and substantial fines. The Trimet transit police were dispatched to help 'solve the crime' which they did hauling Lane to Jail, seizing his property (some of that is clearly questionable) and now its in the hands of the district attorney who is almost demanding the death penalty. On July 18, an operator was stabbed. Trimet offered a $1000 reward for information then handed it over to the transit police and as of today the crime remains unsolved. Transit police are good at solving crimes that are set ups, they are not so good at solving real crime.

Putting things into the proper perspective re Alsdedt vs Jensen

I've been getting a lot of excellent comments lately since bringing back the anonymous option.  This comment deserves its own post because it clearly puts into perspective the two worlds that Trimet employees live in. One is a world with privilege, entitlement, huge salaries, and basically zero interface with Trimet's customers. The other world is being on stage hours at a time, getting up at gawd awful hours or going to sleep late into early morning, exposing yourself too all sorts of pathogens carried by bus rider, and a world where you are expected to put up with Verbal abuse, read below to get the picture


Roberta Altsdadt
It has been brought to my attention that if the case against Lane Jensen was brought by Trimet it would say Trimet vs Lane Jensen.
It is  one Trimet manager Roberta Aldstedt (sorry don't know the exact spelling and have no intention of looking it up every time I use it) who is using Trimet resources such as the Trimet police and  Trimet district attorney to prosecute him. 
 She is also using her presence to prevent Lane from attending public meetings by pretending he is a threat to her. It needs to be brought to the public's attention that Ms Altsdadt could have blocked his number from her phone, or could have sought a restraining order against Lane, but the plan was obviously to wait till Lane fell into the trap that was set up for him. There were 5 months between the two incidents of 'telephone harassment'.  She took no steps to mitigate this situation.
Although she is the only one who is 'charging' Lane with criminal activity Lane is unable to contact any other manager at Trimet. No matter how they try to justify this action, it is an obvious abuse power and the abuse of police authority.

Profound comments

Instead of going after the thugs who stabbed two drivers John Corvic goes after bloggers. It’s easier and less dangerous to go after bloggers. Lane Jensen is the third blogger in Corvics ten year with Tri Met. You know Tri Mets new motto “sticks and stones might break my bones but bloggers factual words just might hurt me”. It’s a $1000 fine if you hit an operator but if a blogger dares to exercise his First Amendment Rights by asking a question of the government agencies Media Public Relations officer poor Miss that’s my job to answer your questions boo hoo hoo Roberta Alstead then its 15 years in jail and $78,000 in fines to make Blogger Lane Jensen go away finally.


At the hearing


John Copic waits patiently in his quest to jail Lane Jensen
He appears to be the DA that gets all the Trimet cases.
Here is a list of his cases
I'm sure he has been involved with plenty other cases than this.
He thinks this is a cut and dry case. "she told him not to text and he did".
Well I suppose technically that's true. But what did he text her and why?
We will all have to wait for jury trial to find out.


(more like kangaroo court)


Christopher Marin for the defense
John Copic  for the prosecution


So Lane gets a court order releasing his property. He heads down to the police evidence room to retrieve it,and guess what? It's not there! Where is it? The cop that took it has it? He checked it out, who knows why. Well where is the cop? He's on vacation. (No I am not making this up)


1021 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR ‎
(503) 988-3957 ·
Lane Jensen   is being charged with 35 counts of telephonic harassment and the district attorney is asking that he be sent to prison for 18 years. Since Lane did not take the plea bargain the district attorney added 15 counts to the original charges. (isn't our legal system great?)
His crime, sending the following text message   to the Trimet public Information officer
Lane Jensen
 This is the biggest court farce I have seen in a long long time 
She contends she was 'scared'
Bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny.
Edmund Burke


With Willamette Weeks Aaron Mesh
Aaron Mesh on Lars Larson from al m on Vimeo.


This coming Friday is the next court appearance in the case of Trimet vs Lane Jensen  crudely disguised as Roberta Aldstedt vs Lane Jensen although Lane is not only prohibited from communicating with Roberta but any with member of Trimet executive staff except for JC Vanetta My personal feeling about this case is that is it is a pretty good case of entrapment. Trimet set up the trap and Lane walked right into it. They use his own material to make the case however if the context of that material comes out in open court it should be pretty easy to show that the whole case is based on fantasy. Those of us involved are looking forward to getting Neil Mcfarlane and Bruce Warner  up on the witness stand to answer some questions about Trimet policy about bloggers. Mcfarlane makes it his practice to ignore questions from both Lane and I but in open court he will no longer be able to get away with that. For example in THIS  article by the Portland Mercury it becomes very clear just how hostile Trimet public officials are to the local transit bloggers: But now let's look at whom it doesn't include: members of the public or any of the voracious, vociferous, and occasionally venomous amateur bloggers who make sport (and sometimes break news) out of charting the transit agency's every snort and sniffle. That includes Al Margulies, who runs Rantings of a Former TriMet Bus Driver. And also Lane Jensen, who runs PDX Transit Lane. That was deliberate, at least on TriMet's part. Its officials have held fast to words like "mainstream" and "unaffiliated" when discussing this issue, and it's clear the bloggers get under their skin with personal comments aimed at its top executives. What has become clear in the case of Lane Jensen vs Trimet is that while pretending its a case of telphonic harassment it has been used to effectively shut down Lane's first amendment rights to blog about Trimet and has even prohibited him from attending public meetings. Trimet spin masters will not be able to control the flow of information in open court this will be the most interesting trial in Trimet history for sure


The persecution of Lane Jensen is unconscionable board testimony


Trimet officials made a previous attempt to get Lane Jensen banned. That turned out badly for Trimet. But now they have 'concocted' this story about a 'dangerous' Lane Jensen being  a 'threat'  to someone, it's totally fantasy and  may even be a serious violation of his civil rights. Watch below as Trimet officials abuse their authority in an attempt  to get Lane Jensen out of their hair. It never even made it to the hearing. The hearings officer threw it out before the hearing. Do we have a pattern here ladies and gentlemen? I say we sure do. Stay tuned as this develops. Trimet oligarchs have connections with other oligarchs that run the lives of Portlanders and they will use those connections to attempt to shut Lane Jensen up, FOREVER. We do live in a police state and when that police state turns its wheels on a 'citizen' its not easy to get out from under it. Remember, the 'system' is in place to crush citizens that become a nuisance for the masters. Freedom is nothing but an illusion in Amerika, the one country on earth that imprisons more of its own people per capita than any place  on this earth.


Trimet police can be charged with 'color of law' violations
Let's presume that Lane Jensen is guilty as charged. The police arrested him and threw him in jail and seized his phone for evidence. They police have in their possession information which they themselves used in the report that describes the methods by which this 'crime' was committed, namely using a cell phone and a text messaging application. But the Trimet police also seized his computer, knowing that the 'crime' was not committed with that computer. The only reason this could have happened would be as a clumsy attempt to get Lane to stop blogging in violation of his first amendment rights.  There is a federal law that specifically prohibits this sort of police activity:
The Supreme Court has interpreted the United States Constitution to construct laws regulating the actions of the law enforcement community. Under "color of law", it is a crime for one or more persons using power given to him or her by a governmental agency (local, state or federal), to willfully deprive or conspire to deprive another person of any right protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States. 
The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right against unreasonable searches or seizures. A law enforcement official using authority provided under the color of law is allowed to stop individuals and, under certain circumstances, to search them and retain their property. It is in the abuse of that discretionary power—such as an unlawful detention or illegal confiscation of property—that a violation of a person’s civil rights may occur Civil Rights Division Home Page


The unaccountable rogues that run the development agency called Trimet have sunk to lows not even I would have thought possible  with the banning of Lane Jensen from all board meetings.  A  Public Information Officer  conspired to trump up bullshit charges against him because he sent her repetitive text messages seeking an answer to a question   In what can only be described as a pure act of fascism Trimet has removed Lane Jensen's freedom of speech with the help of the police state and the corrupted courts. In all the years I have been following the shenanigans of these hooligans this is the most shocking event in my entire blogging career. Even if the charges were real there is absolutely no excuse for the corrupted police state to remove Lane's freedom of speech. The people in charge of your transit district, lie, cheat, steal, hide, distort and worst of all, they get away with  it! we wont be seeing lane jensen from al m on Vimeo.


As we know Trimet executives used their connections to stage a 'swat' like raid on Lane Jensen at his place of employment. Lane Jensen had never threatened violence in any communication he made to any manager. But Trimet sent in their very own police force and used violence against Lane Jensen. 4 flack jacketed armed police raided Lane , shoved him up against a pole , handcuffed him, and marched him off to the American Gulag. The most troubling aspect is the blatant attempt to suppress his freedom of speech. Even though entered into evidence was a video of him explaining how he sent the text messages via his cell phone the Trimet Gestapo seized his computer. They  where aware  that the computer had nothing to do with the 'crime' yet they seized it anyway. And the court  prohibited him from attending any more board meetings as well as  talking to any Trimet employees but Vanetta. Pure unadulterated fascism. A blatant and wanton abuse of police power. Trimet and its henchmen prove they belong back in the 1930's when this sort of thing was common.  For shame on them, they are truly despicable human beings


Now if this guy got off these charges then what the hell is Lane Jensen doing in Jail? HARTFORD, Conn. — A blogger has been acquitted of charges that he threatened state officials when he urged readers to “take up arms” and suggested that government leaders “obey the Constitution or die.” On Sept. 16, Harold “Hal” Turner, of North Bergen, N.J., was found not guilty of felony inciting injury to people and misdemeanor threatening. The Hartford jury deliberated less than three hours. He could have faced a decade in prison if convicted of the felony charge. N.J. blogger acquitted of threats to Conn. officials | First Amendment Center – news, commentary, analysis on free speech, press, religion, assembly, petition


Lane was arrested for asking the Trimet PIO a question too many times
We will be considering this question over the next few weeks and demonstrating that Lane Jensen is indeed a 'reporter'. Maybe he has no 'credentials' and doesn't work for some 'newspaper' but in today's world pretty much anybody can be a reporter if they have an interest and delve into a topic with zeal and work.
In this post we will look at Lanes blockbuster story:
This was  a story broken by Lane and covered on just about every single mainstream media outlet. This was the story that propelled Lane Jensen into the world of Blogging and reporting about Trimet and Trimet issues.