Friday, December 27, 2013

What would you do?

Say you're a Trimet PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER   and some guy you knew was obnoxious wanted to get some information from you but you decided that you're not going to answer that guy, even though your job description specifically states you are to answer questions from citizens. And since you ignored that person he decided to bombard you with the same question over and over. Say this is the question
 What would you do?
A-answer his question
B-call him and tell him to fuck off
C-block his phone number
D-report it to the police.
So we can see that the text message we are speaking of implies great threats to the safety of the public information officer-NOT!
No if it was me I would have simply called him back and answered the question and be done with it.
But not Roberta Aldstadt and her Trimet bosses, no they decided to call the police and block his number. (and for some unknown reason she decided to unblock it later)
Why? Cause that's how they roll.

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