Friday, December 27, 2013

Daily cyclist weighs in on Lane Jensen outrage

Make no mistake, Lane Jensen was the target of a brutal legal manipulation against him in the effort to shut him up. In the end they won, as they always do. You can't fight our government .  They are all powerful, all connected, and possess unlimited wealth all stolen from the citizenry. And when those citizens don't behave properly the entire machine turns against them. As is the case with Lane Jensen. Lane was doing a daily podcast talking about the days events at Trimet and during one of those days Roberta Alstadt made a 'public statement' to the press. Lane criticized that statement harshly calling her a 'fucking lying bitch'. He was picked up by the American Gestapo and delivered to the Gulag. Roberta Alstadt is a public figure and appears regularly in the media. The imaginary case of 'telephonic harassment' and  A completely inappropriate use of government power but alas, the government is not accountable to the people. And with this last act of tyranny they have finally silenced Lane Jensen and his scathing editorials about Trimet. Americans are under the false belief that they have 'free speech- Noam Chomsky explains: ' Noam Chomsky on Freedom of speech from al m on Vimeo.
Interestingly enough, there are more than a few people that agree with him!

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