Friday, December 27, 2013


As we know Trimet executives used their connections to stage a 'swat' like raid on Lane Jensen at his place of employment. Lane Jensen had never threatened violence in any communication he made to any manager. But Trimet sent in their very own police force and used violence against Lane Jensen. 4 flack jacketed armed police raided Lane , shoved him up against a pole , handcuffed him, and marched him off to the American Gulag. The most troubling aspect is the blatant attempt to suppress his freedom of speech. Even though entered into evidence was a video of him explaining how he sent the text messages via his cell phone the Trimet Gestapo seized his computer. They  where aware  that the computer had nothing to do with the 'crime' yet they seized it anyway. And the court  prohibited him from attending any more board meetings as well as  talking to any Trimet employees but Vanetta. Pure unadulterated fascism. A blatant and wanton abuse of police power. Trimet and its henchmen prove they belong back in the 1930's when this sort of thing was common.  For shame on them, they are truly despicable human beings

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