Monday, December 30, 2013


(this was a comment on another post but it deserves its own post) Kevin Michael Purefield pleaded guilty in Multnomah County Circuit Court Wednesday to one count each of misdemeanor stalking and telephonic harassment. Purefield was repeatedly harassing victims’ families of the Aurora Colorado movie theatre shooting. Purfield is scheduled to be sentenced Friday to what likely will be a year of mental-health court, where he will have to check in weekly with a specialist who will help him with any needs, such as attending doctor’s appointments, taking medications and maintaining a place to live. Purfield also will be ordered not to phone, email, text or otherwise have any contact with the families of the 12 who died or the 58 who were injured during the July 2012 screening of “The Dark Knight Rises.” “We just want to stop the behavior and get him help,” said Kirsten Snowden, the deputy district attorney who heads Multnomah County’s misdemeanor trial unit.
On two different occasions Lane texted two different non threatening questions to Tri Met Media Public Relations officer Roberta Alsteadt on her assigned Verizon phone on her designated number for work related matters multiple times; “When will the non-union employees stop getting benefits and pensions after 3 years, while drivers have to wait 10-20? Who’s got the harder job? “So what is it going to take to get safety on the busses? How many more lives is it going to take? 1? 10? 100? 1000? A driver being killed while in the seat? Could you question that Roberta Alsteadt deliberately didn’t answer Lanes’ questions so she could entrap Lane and so they could claim telephonic harassment to set up and shut up Lane forever. Four of Tri Mets contracted cops, usually seen on the max hustling people for their fares were sent to bully, arrest, handcuff, and seize Lane’s computer and cell phone. On October 30, 2013 the Willamette Week did an article about Lane where the Tri on It's less of a crime to beat up an operator than text a Trimet executive

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