Friday, December 27, 2013


The more I investigate this case the more holes develop. It has been alleged that he had been calling her 'personal' cell phone. That turns out to be false and I have the evidence to prove it.I have removed her phone number in order to prevent more phony charges coming back on Lane
This is the post that is part of the evidence against Lane where he is 'encouraging' so called 'harassment' against Roberta. However when we examine the post what we find is that he is asking the public to call her and ask here a simple question on retirement benefits for union employees vs non union employees. This was posted because Roberta refused to answer his question. It's obviously an attempt to get her to answer the question and the only reference to annoying her is in the title. The post itself clearly wants an answer to the question. Now that is not her 'personal' cell phone number (removed). How do I know this?
That same number is listed on the internal Trimet contact list! It's a business line not a personal line. If you have expectations of privacy you certainly don't put your phone number on a list of contact numbers that is handed out to every single manager in the agency!

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