Friday, December 27, 2013


Lane Jensen Trimet enemy #1
It has come down from the 'halls of justice' (lol) that Lane is now barred from attending Trimet board meetings. Apparently 'they' have been able to convince the court that he is a extremely dangerous predator.  Below is a copy of the 'dangerous and threatening' text that has apparently triggered the criminal investigation.
Rational minds understand that Lane has been targeted for total and complete annihilation. Trimet sees they can take advantage of this situation and get rid of Lane once and for all. Is it ethical? Of course not. Is it surprising? Nope, completely predictable given my understanding of Trimet. Was Lane stupid for getting himself into this situation? Yes. Oregon has this  law called telephone harassment that has made the text sent above to be turned into a criminal case. The law is written so badly you could drive a truck into it. Gotta love Oregon with its assortment of backwards laws.  In all honesty, I'd love to see this go to trial.  Going to the board meetings is of little real value anyway Lane. I shall miss the excitement and drama that you brought to those meetings.

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